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March 9, 2013


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Here is my first monthly journal feature. I spent a few hours going through your galleries and chose the artworks that I really like. This is my way of giving something back to you guys. There's some great work here. Please check it out. :D

Haven by morbiusgreen Silk art 2 by ultimatum1895 The sunny portrait by Dusfgraat Abe Sapien and Hellboy by RobTorres :thumb354414687: Blue And Red Sun by CosmicSpacesFairy Lights by One-in-amillion Strange Happenings by ex-astris1701 My lovely, pretend children by Animechick213Red World by DelphineNQ Angel with a Flutterbye by YonabMavrick C. Cloud Gen. of Andromeda's Royal Guard by NightWingTerrorbloody Smear by FunncubesUntitled V by constanceleaBeyond I by ArythyaMatrix Robot by Perturabo93 4Atomic4´s request by replicator13Dragon 01 (test 1) by gnhtdEarth in a drop. by Dayrin92 Niagara Falls 19 by lostkingdomNATO Transport Ships by Luckymarine577Rainbow on Ice by Freak-Angel56Sunset in Idaho by PwestySundown by Rho96City Shrouded in the Forests and Clouds... by ElitannaDreaming? by NeahsSomniumA special type of gold by BonusExperimentSolarsatellit by GP-SketcherMiyavi by IzzyKaulitzred tulip by k-kotekAsami Sato by korwisPink touch by EthericNenethDawn of Beloved Blossoms by GaaraXEraXMatsuriScape by Jeritzky:thumb351343994:Natsu by PsychoscSir Frederick Leighton Study by fateforever:thumb180418498:Felinity by GeminiGMNebula Study by AkumDara:thumb312269746:dragon of the desert by vata38Intensity by Ryse95

The Elf and the Dragon: The QuestHymeria walked through the woods, heading down from the plateau where she'd summoned Ensfirum. She was still shaken by the loss of her voice, she'd tried everything but no matter what she tried, no sound escaped her lips. She shuddered as she remembered the dragon's terrible smile from moments before. She'd thought that he was going to eat her but then he'd simply snapped in her face and caused her to scream much to her embarassment.
She looked upwards as the shadow of the dragon crossed over her, his massive wings buffeting the trees unrelentingly. She knew that the pact bound the dragon to her life, if she died then the dragon died...but the dragon had been dead for centuries...and dragons didn't die the same way that other creatures did. Death was just...another stage for them. Would Ensfirum care if she died?
“I can hear you.” the dragon's voice rumbled through her mind.
Hymeria jumped at the intrusion, trying to block the dragon's presence from her consciousness but to
Guide Entry: WyvernsNearly as widespread as dragons, wyverns are often considered less than intelligent, partly because of their reputation as scavengers. Considered to be very social creatures, they are most often seen in flocks numbering between a dozen and fifty members, relying on safety in numbers as well as numerous eyes to spot fresh food. Males are often distinguished from females by their brighter colored crests, seen as a fin that sprouts from the center of their scalp. The crests are generally collapsed unless the creature is angered, intimidated, or trying to court a female. 
Ranging in size from a foot tall to the size of a Greyhound bus, wyverns have been seen in nearly every climate and habitat, some  even as far as Greenland. Flocks of them have been seen following garbage scows out to sea, feasting on whatever edibles they find before it's too far out to sea. It is said that starving dogs will go elsewhere if faced with nothing to feast on but a dead wyvern, due to the stench of
The Astronaut and the UniverseHis hands are encased in the
Heavy white gloves of his suit:
Bulky, clumsy, and an absolute
Pain to work in.
His gloves are buried in the
Innards of a satellite:
Wires, circuit boards, and power cells,
But his eyes are elsewhere.
Around him stretches the
Infinite vastness of Creation:
Star-studded blackness, glistening moon,
The Earth slumbering at his feet.
Which is more important to him,
I wonder:
The work,
Or the view.
His head turns minutely
As he sees me watching
And he says,
"My thoughts."
The Stuff of Legends - Part 1
Aden dreamed of the mysterious Pokemon again. It was meditating, as most Psychic-types tended to do in order to focus their powers. It smiled at Aden's dream self. "Bring a raincoat tomorrow. You'll need it." it told him with a smile. Aden managed to identify the being as a male before a loud clap of thunder woke him the next morning.
"Unknown Pokemon is apparently male." he wrote down in his notes about the dream. "Gah! What is this thing?" Aden set the notepad down and got dressed in a plain aqua-colored shirt and jeans. Coming downstairs, he saw Leena putting breakfast on the table. "Good morning Leena. Was it... raining earlier?"
"It was for a moment, you woke up just as it stopped." she replied with a smile. "And now there's not a cloud in the sky!"
"That's odd." Aden replied. "There should be at least a few after a thunderstorm like that!" Aden looked in the sky to see clouds moving in rather quickly and ducked back in. "Three, two, one." Right as he said "one," rain poured down.

Finally, check out this trailer by filmmaker :iconmopwodge:
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